Where Are the Places I Will Go?

I am about to set off on a round the world journey, so how do I figure out the places to go? The world is a big place, and I’ve already been able to visit 40 countries, so how did I decide on the places to go? A lot of Google, many web and Facebook pages, friends recommendations and several, “Oh that looks so pretty, I have to go there!”

I’ve been collecting points and miles (I’ll share more on that later) and so I’ve booked all of my main flights and several of my flights in Asia on miles. I’m trying to balance being flexible, with being frugal! I’m also a planner by nature, so plotting and planning and organizing is part of the fun. I’ve plotted out a rough journey of my trip, but open for suggestions and recommendations!

I’m leaving from NYC and starting my trip with friends in Tel Aviv with a stop in Jordan before heading to Europe for the Summer.

From Europe, I’ll head to Asia, starting my trip in Beijing and working my way to Southeast Asia.  I’ll return to the US via Hawaii and then decide if I can go to South America and Antarctica in 2018. 

The basic itinerary is as follows:

  • May – Israel and Jordan
  • June – Paris, Normandy, Alpine France and Switzerland, Morocco
  • July – Ireland, London, Scotland, Iceland, TBD
  • August – Puglia, TBD, Croatia, Slovenia
  • September – Italy, China, Japan, Bali
  • October – Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, TBD
  • November – Thailand, Hawaii

Do you have any suggestions on my itinerary? Anything I shouldn’t miss in the cities I’m visiting? Any places I should add? Any places I should skip?


  1. St. Tropez (The French Riviera) is a must see since you will be so close. If I remember correctly, we took a train from Paris. I visited Marraakech, Moracco and make sure you take a trip up to the mountains to see how the different tribes live. On the way we passed an area where on Sundays men brought their daughters to be auctioned off for marriage. Also, visit the rug stores where you can watch rugs being woven right in front of you. I bought one to take home. In Thailand if you are a foodie or just want to taste the best Thai ever, make sure you go to Chang Mai. Stay away from the touristy restaurants and go to the local places for the best and the cheapest food around. Make sure to get plenty of Thai massages. In Hawaii, if you end up in Maui, make sure you visit the Seven Sacred Pools on Hana Rd for the most breath taking views ever!! Happy travels, if there’s any way in hell I can join you on any leg of your trip, I’m there!!!

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    1. Awesome, thanks! I definitely want to hit up Marrakesh and Chiang Mai. And I’ll be finishing up in Maui. I totally hope that you can join me. I will be doing Italy. Not sure about Spain.


  2. Congrats on your big adventure! On my sabbatical last year I went to Copenhagen and Edinburgh — and loved them both. In Edinburgh, be sure to see the royal yacht Britannia, which is decommissioned and now a museum. We were tempted to skip it, but it was a real gem.


    1. In Edinburgh, there is a great day hike to Arthur’s Seat. Also, in the city center, take the Mary King’s Close tour. It’s a tour of the old city that exists under the new city. You’ll see how they lived, tour through the old homes, and learn about the Black Plague…was a really cool tour that stuck with me. 😉
      P.S. Your site works at OD!


    1. Hi Tuula! I just passed through the Helsinki airport and it was great! I’m trying to figure out where I should see the Northern Lights in December, so maybe I’ll see you in Finland??


      1. Stephanie what an amazing adventure. I am more than a little jealous!!!!
        In Hanoi, there’s a great restaurant called Cha Ca La Vong. You cook whitefish at your table and eat it. So good! I also went to Hue in Vietnam (near Da nang) and saw a lot of amazing temples in the jungle. Da lat was gorgeous too for hiking. Very different feel – more forest than jungle. If I go back to Vietnam, I will hike near the border of Cambodia which is way off the grid, but that’s how I like to travel.

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