Oh, The Places I Will Go!

Hi everyone – my name is Stephanie. After 20 years of the corporate communications and public relations life, I’m taking some time to travel solo around the world. I hope to do many things on my journey – meet new people, experience new cultures, see as many corners of this beautiful earth as possible –  and share my journey with you.

Moving and changing is nothing new for me. I’ve lived in 30+ houses in seven states. I once found an apartment, packed an old apartment, moved and unpacked the new place in less than a week. I am a gypsy, a vagabond and a traveler since birth. If asked, I say I’m from New York City because with 10 years of living there (in two different stints!), it’s the longest time I’ve spent anywhere.

I think my first experience with travel came at Disney World, where I fell in love with It’s a Small World. How cool is it to see the world on a short little boat ride! Throughout my childhood, we did many family trips up and down the east coast of the US.  My first international trip came at age 16 – when instead of a Sweet 16 party, I asked my parents for a trip to France with the French Club. I fell in love with France, and travel, and now am always planning my next adventure.

I’ve been to 40 countries – most recently Australia and New Zealand – so it won’t surprise many of my friends and colleagues that I’m taking this journey. With lots of uncertainty at my job, last year I began thinking about the places I could go if I had an “extended vacation.” I started exploring photos and websites, planning itineraries, saving money, creating packing lists, applying for travel credit cards to build up points and sold my house. Now that it has become a reality, I wanted a way to document my travels and also share what I learn. I hope that you come along!

I’m new to blogging, so please feel free to share any tips and tops and to connect with me along the way.


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  1. Dear Stephanie, I’m so proud of you and wish you safe travels and hope you have a glorious time. I’m looking forward to your blogs. I’ll be in a Paris, Genève, Salzburg ne a few other places before the end of the year. I’ll be looking for you there. Big hugs, Karen Giblin.


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