Taking the Day Off…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been to the office, which also means it’s been a while since I’ve had weekends. With a constant stream of visitors over the past seven weeks, and a new destination every few days, I decided to take a deep breath. Well, honestly, I didn’t necessarily decide, it was decided for me.

I came to Calabria to chase the last days of European summer. While I knew the weather wasn’t going to be overly warm (low 70s), I was going to be on the beach and hoped for some sun. When I first arrived in Capovaticano (near Tropea), I knew there wasn’t a lot around but I figured there would be something I could walk to… and if not, I was told there was a shuttle bus. Well, there was neither. So I started the first day feeling a bit trapped and without wifi (so much for all those blog posts I was planning on writing!).

With the sun shining, I grabbed my iPad and headed to a lounger. It was a beautiful day, I had nothing else to do, so it was time to relax and read. It’s become my routine over the past couple of days. Besides a trip to Tropea, I’ve just chilled out. I finished a 976-page book, The Goldfinch, which was beautifully written, very long and very emotional. I’m starting Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened, which should also have me in tears, but for much different reasons. I’ve worked on my tan, I’ve booked some hotels and flights for my trip to Asia, playing with the itinerary again (Thailand may be back in play?!) and I’ve enjoyed the down time. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in a beautiful setting!

Today is also my last day in Italy. Including my trip to Rome and Puglia in July, I’ve spent just about a month here, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve criss-crossed the country probably three times, visited two islands and ate pounds (kilos) of pasta and gelato. I’ve worked on my Italian, which is still bad, but not as bad as when I started. I can have limited conversations now, and I think the pool boy, drink boy and dessert boy at the hotel are all gonna miss me! It’s been wonderful, and I will miss it! I’ve found some of the sweet spots for after you visit Rome, Florence and Venice and will be writing about them soon. Spoiler alert… Sardegna!

So, tomorrow, I head to Vienna – my last stop in Europe. It’s bittersweet because I’m excited for Asia, but I’ve loved my time here. Besides a day trip to Slovakia and a museum or two, I plan to prep for my Asian leg and do some “housework” (more laundry!).

If you have any thoughts on Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and maybe Thailand, send them my way (still trying to figure out what to do with six days…). In the mean time, please enjoy the ombre turquoise water and the view of Stromboli. Ciao, ciao!


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