Where should I Travel in September?

I’m at the 2.5 month point in my trip and decided that I wasn’t ready to leave Europe in a month. So…I’m now heading to Japan via Vienna on October 1! This means I have a whole month in Europe that has yet to be planned. And I’d love your thoughts on where I should go.

Here’s where we’re at: I’ve visited Israel, Jordan, France, Morocco, Italy, England, Scotland, Iceland, Norway (just Oslo) and am currently in Malta. From Malta, I’m heading to Dublin and Zurich with my nephew (woot!). I then go to Sarajevo before meeting my mom (yay!) in Dubrovnik for a Croatian Island tour with further stops in Zagreb, Pltivice and Slovenia. We end in Venice on Aug. 31 and I’d like to be in Vienna by Sept. 28.

So, I’ve got four weeks. I’d like to spend more time in Italy. I’ve been to many parts of Italy already, but would consider going back (Florence/Sorrento/Sicily) or exploring new places (Calabria/Sardinia). Where else in Italy (besides the usual suspects) would you recommend visiting? Bordeaux, France and San Sebastian, Spain are also on the short list. I wouldn’t mind spending more time in France as well, so would love to hear your thoughts on great places (again, beyond the usual suspects). Finally, I’m considering Greece. I’ve been on a cruise before, and could cruise again, but could also visit the Islands independently.

Those are my thoughts, but what else should I be considering? Main criteria: I’d like to stay in southern/central Europe because I’ve done a bunch of bouncing around lately. I tend to prefer the small to mid-sized quaint cities/town (think Annecy, France or Taormina, Sicily) and love being near water (whether it’s the ocean or lakes). Bonus if they have a lot of cats! I’m trying to spend more time in these destinations and take day trips instead of going to a new city every 3-4 days. Let me know your favorite places or ones that you’ve dreamed of visiting.

Additionally, I’m plotting out my Asian adventure and have had to cut out a few stops and I’m debating whether I’m still trying to do too much. I arrive in Japan on Oct. 2 and will spend 10 days in Japan (please share recommendations – Kyoto and Tokyo are on the must do list). From there, I head to Bali (thinking for a week or so) and then to Singapore. My other must-dos are Hanoi (and Halong Bay), Hoi An, Siem Reap and Hong Kong. Chiang Mai is also in the running, but wondering if I should just do a separate Thailand trip at some point? I head back to the US (Hawaii) via Tokyo on Nov. 13, so will need to be back in Tokyo Nov. 11 or 12.

Any thoughts on Europe and Asia are welcome! Thanks!!




  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Your posts are wonderful. It’s almost like living vicariously through you, but without the calories 😉
    You might consider travelling in Germany. There are some amazing small towns especially along the Rhine and Mosel rivers (with some darned good wines too, though not your style). Berlin is an incredible city with so much to see. it might be worth a couple of days there.
    When you are in Tokyo, you should try to get to Tsukiji Fish Market at about 6:00 am to see the tuna auctions and walk through the largest fish market in the world. Plus, you can get the freshest sushi you ever had for breakfast right outside the market.
    Marc DeSouza

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    1. Thanks Marc! I’ll definitely check out some spots in Germany. I loved Berlin – the history and the new, fun vibe are a great combo. I’ll also check out Tsukiji. Maybe I’ll even try sushi. LOL


  2. Any interest in Northern Italy (the Lakes, the Piedmont wine area, possibly head into Nice, France and or even the Alps in Switzerland?). . Hit me up when you do decide on Thailand and I can give you recon on Chiang-Mai, the southern islands and also Bangkok

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  3. Hawaii on November 13?!? I am in Hilo, on the Big Island! I will be headed to TX somewhere around the 13th, but haven’t bought my ticket yet… What are your Hawaii plans?



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